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29 James St. Strathroy, ON

Finding Something good in every piece of wood!

We take pride in the thought, care and effort we put into our items and projects so you can be proud of them for years to come.

Keep Going!

Custom Creation - Berry Keepsake

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Imagination Created custom Plinko Board for Millars Law Firm

Custom plinko board made for Millars Law Firm in Mt. Brydges.

Custom Plinko Board

Custom Plinko Board for Millars Law Firm. Thank you Millars Law!

Hockey Stick Art - Trees​

1 of 10 Hockey Stick Art Trees that we did for Strathroy, ON. These were done for the Rogers Hometown Hockey event Nov 2019. We built the trees for the planters. We helped the municipality put them in the planters and the local BIA added the greenery/plants. This is one of two in front of city hall. We're so happy they love them as much as we do! Thank you Strathroy!

Imagination Created - Hockey Stick Art Trees - Rogers Hometown Hockey Strathroy 2019

One of 10 Hockey Stick Art Trees for Strathroy, Ontario

Poduim for TStone Mailing in Kitchener, ON

Sign in podium stand

Custom Podium

A red oak podium stand for TStone Mailing in Kitchener, ON to meet their new compliance upgrades. November 2019. Thank you TStone Mailing!