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A full time Mom to a medically fragile, special needs son. Life was doctors, therapists, hospitals and hospital stays (some quite long), many surgeries, scheduling and going to appts, school and school meetings, learning everything I needed to know about every aspect of my son and his needs so she could advocate for him in every possible and way more...In 2014, Patrick, my son passed away. He lived much longer than most that have his syndrome. I am blessed and honoured that I got to be his mother and for the time we got to spend with him here on earth. He was my life! Although I did try to work some part time jobs from home, I wasn't able to get a job outside of the home because no one would hire someone who would be called away often and have to spend days to weeks to sometimes months at the hospital with my son and/or have to take time off for all his appointments.

When I say he was my life; that truly was what my life was. It was a huge trauma for me when he passed and I didn't know what to do with myself. I've been diagnosed with PTSD and general anxiety because I've had to think a certain way for so long that I'm still working on not 'over-thinking', planning for every possibility and thinking of alternative options etc etc...

The reason I explain this to you is because a year after he passed, is when things started for Imagination Created. We are grateful for a supportive family and friends! Many were on this journey with us and were encouraging that life without my son would be OK.

Six months after my son passed, one day at Michael's, I saw a wood burning kit. I remembered having one as a teen and how much I enjoyed it. Having received some money for my birthday that year, I went & bought one! I started doing Pyrography (wood burning) and trying some different things. The following spring I was looking for more to do and felt there was more I could do/make. My creativity was starting to blossom again and then my amazing husband bought me a sliding compound mitre saw for Mother's Day! We started making Yardzee© in our back yard area and burning the dots. We were sanding every dice by hand!! Graduated to a hand/palm sander and that summer ended up selling close to 200 sets!

I began to feel like this was something I could enjoy for a long time. I’ve always loved wood and wood things. We love walking through wooded areas and just enjoying nature’s beauty and checking out every piece of wood. Each has its own history, character, & story. Some pieces were like an artist canvas with the grain patterns that only nature could create! It was beautiful!

We were sure the neighbours loved hearing the saw and sander going everyday/weekend (hint: sarcasm lol) so we ended up renting a storage unit that had been marketed as contractor/woodworking space so we could start doing more! Pretty soon, we were doing more games, custom pieces for people, home decor items and more. It became my new purpose! It sounds a little weird perhaps, but we're crazy about wood and loved this gift of nature!

Jump forward to 2018. We have grown so much; we weren't able to expand in our little storage space. We were running out of room and we couldn't do anything in the winter because it wasn't heated and could only run a couple machines at a time so we wouldn't blow the breaker for the whole row of units! A couple friends of ours were so supportive and encouraging, they helped us find a bigger space so that we could continue to grow and do/offer more to our amazing customers! It hasn't always been easy, but I love what I do and am grateful for the support and help from my husband family & friends!

Some days I get a little overwhelmed when we have lots to do and/or to prepare for shows, and I’m getting better at realizing that some days I have to stop, take a breather and put me first. I wasn’t that great at self-care when my son was here. It was all about him. I know now that it’s ok to take a day to rest or take a break from things and that no one is going to judge me.

Our favourite creations are the custom pieces that we do for people! Not everyone knows our story, but those that do are the first to recommend us for personalized, custom items that people will treasure for years. We take pride in getting to know a little more about a customer when it’s a special piece. Some people may not understand why we ask certain questions about them (or who it’s for), but we explain that I’m not trying to get personal to be nosy, I’m getting to know you/person a little better so I can create something personal for them that they’ll love forever!

We’re still growing and learning and grateful for all the support we’ve received!

Finding something good in every piece of wood! That's what we love to do! We utilize as much of our wood as possible and also up-cycle old hardware and other cool are things! We are known for our outdoor games, Pyrography, custom creations & DIY Ornament Kits. I am also a beginner wood turner and excited to keep learning! We offer also offer Game Rentals for all your events/functions! We support local as much as possible and love collaborating with other businesses to showcase everyone's talents!